Fresh. Simple. Mexican Food.

AMIGOS is bringing it back to basics. Traditional Mexican street tacos are a humble but flavorful affair – seasoned meats and fresh seafood on handmade corn tortillas topped with combinations of freshly diced onions, chopped cilantro, pico de gallo and tasty salsas. You can’t beat fresh!


What’s a square taco?

We developed a tortilla machine that cuts dough into our signature SQUARE shape. It’s not a gimmick – its functional. A folded square tortilla holds more filling with less spilling! Our tortillas are made with traditional ingredients – 100% fresh ground corn and water. That’s it. And if you prefer Gringo-style hard shell tacos, no problemo!

Great Mexican food in the heart of Key West. Welcome to AMIGOS!


Amigos Tortilla Bar | 425 Greene Street  Key West, FL | Open Daily 11am - midnight